A Secure Audit Solution

For Your Client's ESEF iXBRL Filings

IRIS xAudit is an XBRL International certified software that helps you audit Inline XBRL documents in compliance with ESMA – ESEF mandate.

A collaborative solution, IRIS xAudit allows multiple people to review and audit a project simultaneously. The solution is hosted on Microsoft Azure in the EU region. and can also be made available through a dedicated instance or through on-premise hosting.

IRIS xAudit is brought to you by the team that built IRIS CARBON®, a software that has been consistently ranking No. 1 in independent quality assessments of XBRL filings

Features That Stand Apart

Easy to get started, just upload iXBRL documents

XII certified validator with simple validation messages (ESMA, XBRL rules, consistency checks).

Inline XBRL Viewer with smart search for easy document and tag review

Approve / reject tags, insert comments as you go

Platform User Interface in language of your choice

One click navigation between document,taxonomy and validations

Collaboration and Workflow with audit review ans sign off

Secure platform, user defined encryptions (BYOE/ BYOK)

Intuitive dashboards to track project progress

Flexible hosting options (Azure cloud, dedicated instance, on prem)

Pre-defined & ad-hoc reports - Downlodable in PDF and Excel formats

View Company taxonomy, ESEF reference taxonomy

IRIS xAudit - Our cloud-based auditing solution for ESEF, helps you with all of the above and more. Using the solution auditors can ensure the iXBRL they sign-off on, has the best quality.

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